Editorial Credit: shutterstock.com/Kathy Hutchins

Priscilla Presley Wanted to Be Buried Next to Elvis . . . She Was Denied

Priscilla Presley and her granddaughter Riley Keough appear to have settled their dispute over the trust left by Lisa Marie Presley.

Sources have said Priscilla walked away with MILLIONS, so it sounds kinda like Riley just gave her some GO AWAY MONEY and will remain in charge of the Elvis estate . . . just like her mom wanted.

But there’s one interesting concession that Priscilla asked for and didn’t get: She wanted to be buried next to Elvis.

He’s buried at Graceland, as you probably know, but he’s flanked by his parents. So one of them would have to be MOVED.

Lisa Marie is also buried at Graceland, near her dad, and right next to her SON Benjamin, who took his own life in 2020, at the age of 27.

Sources say Priscilla’s request was flatly denied, but the millions of dollars probably helped her get over that.

Priscilla and Elvis were only married for six years, from 1967 to 1973.