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Rihanna goes pantless with a parka for date night with A$AP Rocky

No pants? No problem

Despite it being the dead of winter, Rihanna decided to ditch the pants on a recent date night with her mans A$AP Rocky.

Let’s start off by saying, this is not us judging Rihanna’s date night outfit choice. Because A — we know better and B — when it comes to fashion Rihanna is never wrong. This is simply just us talking about it, because it’s Rihanna and that’s what we must do.

Despite it being a frigid New York City, Rihanna stepped out pantless for her dinner plans, rocking an oversized jersey. That said, attempting to offset the chill, Rihanna topped off the leggy look with a red puffer coat, blue and black Miu Miu gloves, and a baseball cap. And while it wasn’t snowing, there was most definitely ice in sight, in the form of accessories, which included dangling diamond earrings and crystal-embellished strappy stiletto sandals.

As for Rocky, the rapper donned a furry beige hooded zip-up jacket over a graphic tee and black pants, pairing the more weather appropriate look with a printed beanie and a pair of red gloves.

But anyways back to Rihanna. This isn’t the first time the singer turned mogul has defied winter with her outfits. Lest we forget that purple mini skirt she wore to the Basquiat exhibit despite the late December NYC chilly air.

Moral of the story — Rihanna knows what’s up. That being cold for a minute is worth it, in order to serve the look.