Yesterday (Mar 4), Starbucks mysteriously tweeted “☁️☕️☁️… 💚” and then shortly afterwards, Ariana not only retweeted it but she also tweeted “🌫☕️☁️🖤…. @starbucks 3/5”. Of course, Ariana is no stranger to tweeting these sorts of emojis but given the shoutout to Starbucks and the date, fans were quick to speculate that she may be collaborating with the company.

And now Starbucks have revealed that they have launched a new drink called the Cloud Macchiato with the help of the star. According to the coffee chain, the new drink “combines the craft of Starbucks espresso, the heritage of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato (created in 1996) and the innovation of Starbucks Cold Foam, an airy microfoam frothed cold and blended until smooth, creating layers of creamy texture and flavor, without the cream.”

Better yet, the Cloud Macchiato will be a permanent item on the Starbuck’s menu in participating U.S. and Canada stores. Not only that but it comes in caramel and cinnamon flavours both iced and hot. Starbucks said in their statement “This newest beverage draws inspiration from the leche merengada, or ‘meringue milk,’ a summer drink from the cafés of Barcelona, Spain that dates back centuries.”