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Taylor Swift Waits Till Dark to Unveil New ‘Moonlit Witch’ Version of ‘Willow’

It looks like that “lonely witch” from Taylor Swift’s “Willow” remix released first thing Tuesday morning (Dec. 15) isn’t so lonely anymore. On Tuesday night, around 8 p.m. ET, Swift released yet another take on her Evermore single with the “willow (moonlit witch version).”

This marks the third remix since the album and song were released on Friday, starting with the “dancing witch” version on Sunday, remixed by Elvira.

“Ever find yourself waiting for the signal & meeting someone after dark & happening upon a majestic coven in the woods?” Swift asked in a tweet late Tuesday. “Me neither but do you want your [music]  to make you FEEL like that? Then the ‘willow moonlit witch version’ is for you.”

The latest version is produced by only Aaron Dessner, just like the album cut, but he’s replaced his folky production with a much poppier, upbeat take this time around. “Dancing witch,” eat your heart out. (Listen to all the versions of “Willow” here.)

Listen to “willow (moonlit witch version)” below: