Beth Garrabrant

Taylor Swift’s 10 Best Commercials

Taylor Swift gave a tour of her cardigan-filled closet in a new ad for Capital One on Monday morning (Nov. 9).

“It’s looking kind of chilly out today. What am I gonna wear?” Swift wonders in the commercial before sliding open a set of white barn doors to reveal a wardrobe full of her distinctive Folklore sweaters.”I think I’ll go with… a cardigan,” she decides.

But the Capital One spot is hardly the first time Swift has appeared in a commercial. Stretching back to the beginning of her career, the star has shown her personality in ads for Target, Diet Coke, AT&T, Macy’s and more.

See below for our favorite commercials featuring Taylor Swift.


In an advertisement for the canvas rubber-soled shoes, Swift lists off all the ways to “be brave” as she walks through Nashville, Tennessee. “Say hi already, laugh a lot, mess up, apologize, mess up again, hug people, take chances, trust yourself,” she says.


To promote her then-upcoming album Speak Now, Swift explained the story of her songwriting career. “I suppose it all started with my first crush in fourth grade,” she says as she flashes back to her childhood era in which her love interest was more invested in the “cool girl.”

“Little did he know I was writing songs about him after school dreaming of one day becoming a country singer, or maybe a poet, or maybe a professional basketball player,” she continued. “Well, eventually I found my way.”

“I’m naming names,” she concluded of her album, poking fun at headlines that criticized her willingness to name the men she was singing about in her songs.


In another Target spot, this time promoting 1989, a series of polaroids flash across the screen as “Style” plays in the background.

Apple Music

In a commercial for Apple Music titled “Taylor vs. Treadmill,” the star is seen ready for her workout, selecting the perfect song for cardio. She pulls up Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” from the #GYMFLOW playlist, and begins sprinting to the beat and rapping along.

She eventually gets a little too in the zone, and falls flat on her face.

Diet Coke

Showing off the power of her catchy lyrics, Swift is seen writing her Red hit “22,” as scenes of people singing the song in everyday scenarios weave into the ad.


Swift can finally “capture all her fans in one photo,” thanks to Sony’s TX7 cyber-shot camera. She tries it out in the ad, with a swarm of screaming fans drop in front of her from harnesses on the ceiling. When it was time for them to leave, one superfan holds on to the bannister. “I love you,” he says to the star before getting yanked away.


In the department store’s Christmas commercial, old Chris Kringle helps out with the holiday prep. When Kringle looks for Miracle on 34th Street’s Mr. Macy, Swift notes that there hasn’t been one “since before I was born.”

Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart, Jessica Simpson and Carlos Santana also appear in the ad.


To promote her “Taylor Swift Now” series, the star appeared in a hilarious commercial which noted that the AT&T app gives fans insight on what she’s up to. The ad takes it a step further, laying out a full play-by-play of Swift’s day  (which includes a choreographed fight sequence with Andy Samberg and eating cookie dough).


For this ad, Swift is seen in a mystical forest, riding a massive, unicorn version of her cat Olivia Benson.


Her cats appeared in another DirecTV commercial (this time normal sized), waiting for her backstage as she finished up a show on her reputation tour. When she makes it back to the green room, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey speak to her, expressing how bored they were when she was on stage.