The Jonas Brothers are back, debuting at number one with “Sucker”, spending a week being tormented by James Corden, and hanging with the missuses in a mansion. But that was all last month JoBro, it’s time for another one.

The trio is ready for the next rollout since their reunion, prepping fans on Wednesday with a teaser for their upcoming single “Cool”

After 6 years away the Jonas Brothers worked through their differences to deliver a hit, but before they returned to the chart they put in a lot of work. It will be revealed in an upcoming documentary for Amazon, that shows the brothers coming back together and going through therapy. “The documentary tracks our childhood, into our time with the band” explained Nick Jonas on The Late Late Show last month. “It was gonna be a story about where we are today, and that was separate lives doing separate things.”

Luckily it didn’t stay that way, and we’re already anticipating the next chapter from the trio. We’ll find out more for sure on Friday, when the Jonas Brothers reveal “Cool.”

Via: Radio.Com