Within minutes of Disney’s official announcement, the Twitterverse has gone apesh*t over the official tracklisting for The Lion King’s official soundtrack. First off, the soundtrack was arranged in full by the most iconic film composer of his generation: the one, the only Hans Zimmer – in a resumption of his role on the animated original.

Couple that with, the film’s musically-enamored cast members singing along to Zimmer’s compositions, and you’ve got yourself a dandy. But rest assured, the Beyhive will no doubt stammer through their sleep at the thought of Beyonce only garnering a single placement on the soundtrack.

Jokes aside, the lineup on this motion picture soundtrack is quite buff. Seth Rogen, Pharrell, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Hans Zimmer, John Oliver, Elton John, Childish Gambino, all figure in the final product in some capacity. As you’ll note, the 17th song on the tracklist was left bare for some indeterminable reason.


Via: HotNewHipHop