Thanksgiving is almost here, which means Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, as well. If you’re planning on participating in a major shopping spree this year, it might be helpful to know which deals everybody else in your state is searching for. If your fellow statesmen have a favorite store to check out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it might be worth taking a look there, too. Thankfully, figured that out for us already.

Here are some of their most interesting findings:

West Virginia and New York LOVE to shop—5 or more retailers tied as their most popular stores!
Pennsylvania may have to find a new favorite place to shop – Toys”R” Us closed all of its stores in June 2018.
Apple was the most popular brand in the US, followed closely by Amazon, Samsung, and Best Buy.
Here’s how they figured all of this out: used Google Trends data to find the most-searched retailers, brands, and topics from Black Friday and CyberMonday in 2017 (November 23-27). Next, they ranked them to find the most popular result in every state.

Here’s Every State’s Favorite Store for Cyber Monday Deals:

Alabama: Ulta Beauty

Alaska: The North Face

Arizona: Samsung

Arkansas: Walmart

California: Forever 21

Colorado: Apple

Connecticut: Groupon

District of Columbia: Groupon

Delaware: GameStop

Florida: Best Buy

Georgia: Apple

Hawaii: Apple

Idaho: Amazon

Illinois: Best Buy

Indiana: Kohl’s

Iowa: Amazon

Kansas: Samsung

Kentucky: Bath & Body Works

Louisiana: Ulta Beauty

Maine: Amazon

Maryland: Groupon

Massachusetts: The North Face

Michigan: BestBuy

Minnesota: Target

Mississippi: Walmart

Missouri: Samsung

Montana: Amazon

Nebraska: Apple

Nevada: Groupon

New Hampshire: Samsung

New Jersey: Apple

New Mexico: Samsung

New York: Adidas, Apple, Gap, Macy’s, Nike, Sephora

North Carolina: Best Buy

North Dakota: Best Buy

Ohio: Bath & Body Works

Oklahoma: Ulta Beauty

Oregon: Nike

Pennsylvania: Toys R Us

Rhode Island: The North Face

South Carolina: GameStop

South Dakota: Amazon

Tennessee: Apple

Texas: Best Buy

Utah: Apple

Vermont: Amazon

Virginia: Samsung

Washington: Nordstrom

West Virginia: eBay, J. C. Penney, Toys R Us, Ulta Beauty, Victoria’s Secret

Wisconsin: Kohl’s

Wyoming: Etsy

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