Editorial Credit : lev radin/Shutterstock.com

The Super Bowl Halftime Show: Yes, Rihanna Is Pregnant

During last night’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, Rihanna was so covered up, even the Taliban couldn’t complain. She wore a baggy, red outfit that covered her from neck-to-toe.

But it was open in the front, and she wore a skin-tight top underneath . . . and you could definitely see a little paunch in the abdominal area.

Some people thought it was because she just had a baby with A$AP Rocky nine months ago, and hasn’t quite lost the baby weight. But it turns out the REAL reason is that they’re having ANOTHER ONE.

Her rep confirmed it last night. That makes Rihanna the first pregnant woman to do the Halftime Show.

The performance itself was fine, but a little subdued. One critic even suggested that she “quiet quit” the Halftime Show.

Obviously, that was mainly due to Rihanna’s condition. She did do a LITTLE dancing, and had a bunch of backup dancers who were also completely covered during most of the performance.

Rihanna did start and end on a platform that took her pretty high over the field. There were dancers on other platforms, too, which gave the set a kind of “Super Smash Brothers” vibe.