It’s become a horrible pattern in this country: There’s a mass shooting, everyone’s outraged, the politicians say it’s too early to talk about it, and then, within a few days, it’s almost like everyone forgets.

This time, though, it actually feels different.

And it’s because the students who survived the mass shooting last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida aren’t going to LET IT be forgotten.

Many of them have already made powerful, poignant statements on national news, BEGGING and PLEADING with Congress and the president to actually do something about the gun violence epidemic in this country. And now, they’re organizing the “March For Our Lives” on March 24th. It’s a march on D.C. to demand real, significant gun law reform.

Emma Gonzalez is a senior at the school, and she delivered a speech at a rally on Saturday where she included a vow from her and her fellow students. Quote, “We are going to be the last mass shooting.”