As a result of COVID-19, we are seeing an outbreak of layoffs and economic uncertainty across the country. The hospitality industry including people working with events and restaurants are being hit particularly hard. For anyone looking to work there are companies still looking to hire either temporary workers or full-time employees. Below is an updated list (March 23rd) of comapanies looking to hire.

CVS Health

CVS Health says it will hold “the most ambitious hiring drive in the company’s history, with plans to immediately fill 50,000 full-time, part-time and temporary roles across the country.” CVS Health also said that it will pay bonuses that range from $150 to $500 to those who must be on-site at CVS facilities to help customers. Search jobs here.

Dollar General

“For any individual whose job has been temporarily impacted by the effect of COVID-19, we currently have a number of full and part-time positions available across our stores, distribution centers and private fleet network,” they stated on their website. Apply here for their up to 50,000 available positions through the end of April.


The pizza chain is trying to immediately fill positions for “delivery experts, pizza makers, customer service representatives, managers and assistant managers.” Apply here.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s is looking to hire 20,000 new team members and applicants can expect to have an interview and potentially start the same day, according to the company. Apply here or text JOBS to 47272.


PepsiCo is looking to hire 6,000 new employees across the U.S. Available jobs are in manufacturing and production, marketing, sales, transportation and many other divisions. Apply here.


Walmart plans to hire 150,000 hourly workers in the U.S. and announced $550 million in cash bonuses to reward workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Apply here.