It’s hard to believe 2019 is almost over. With just a few weeks left before 2020, took a look back at some of the most popular Netflix shows from this past year. Not only did they figure out which shows we were streaming the most in the United States, they were able to break which show was the most popular in every state.

The team at compiled a list of popular shows on Netflix in 2019, found the top 11 with the most search volume, and used Google Trends to find and rank the most searched Netflix shows in every state. Here’s what they found:

Netflix Most Watched via Netflix/

There are a ton of familiar titles, such as Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, on the list, but some of the results are pretty surprising. The most popular show in the most states was The Umbrella Academy, which was the top-searched show in 15 states.

The second most-popular show was Orange is the New Black, which was the top show in 10 states, followed by Black Mirror, which was the top show in 8. Stranger Things surprisingly only ranked #1 in one state – Utah!

Which Netflix shows were you loving in 2019?

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