Jason Koerner/One Voice: Somos Live!/Getty Images

Vin Diesel ‘Habla Español’ in New ‘F9’ Promo

Yes, that’s Vin Diesel’s gravelly voice, all in Spanish, in a new promo video hailing the return of films to theaters, timed to the release of his new F9 film.

Por más de 100 años ha habido un lugar donde nos juntamos para ser entretenidos: el cine (For over 100 years there’s been a place for us to come together to be entertained: film),” says Vin Diesel, speaking over an aerial view of a fast-moving car.

In the space of a minute, the actor touts the virtues and excitement of the big screen, choreographed to clips of F9, which premieres June 15 in theaters.

The video, released by Universal Pictures on its Latin social media accounts and YouTube channel, was replicated in English as well. But while we’re obviously used to Vin Diesel en inglés, listening to him in Spanish is a treat (and yes, the accent is on point).

The actor and musician, married to Mexican model Paloma Jiménez, is known for being a Latin music fan and has included urban Latin music and music artists in the Fast & Furious franchise since its inception.

Watch Vin’s español foray below.