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“You haven’t seen anything yet.”

That promise comes courtesy of Vin Diesel while sharing an exclusive new look at the highly-anticipated F9, a.k.a. Fast & Furious 9.

What makes the declaration so bold is how much we’ve already seen of the upcoming installment in the globe-trotting, billon-dollar franchise. In the four-minute(!) trailer released all the way back in January 2020, new family addition John Cena was revealed to literally be family, starring as Dom’s (Diesel) long-lost brother Jakob. And the shocks only continued, between Charlize Theron’s Cipher haircut to cars jumping from one island to another (skyscrapers are so 2015). Oh, and did I mention that Han (Sung Kang) is back from the dead?!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It’s been almost a year since you were in Miami for Super Bowl weekend, where you held a concert event to drop the epic first trailer. What’s it been like sitting on this movie for so long and eagerly waiting to put it out into the world?

VIN DIESEL: Definitely eager to share it. When you make a good movie, your first goal is to make something that you can be proud of, and in the film business you learn from the very beginning that when the film gets released, even without the pandemic, is rarely in your control. But when you really think about the quality of the movie, there’s more time you have to work in post-production, more time to get the shots right; it does give you a little bit of a cushion. I want to get the movie out for all of the great fans who have been waiting for this chapter — and yet look at the world that we live in. I can only say that when you see the movie you will be excited and, hopefully, you will be really, really happy.

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