Watch *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone Play Santa Claus & Surprise Fans With Ice Cream

It would already be a treat to have one-fifth of *NSYNC show up on your doorstep — but what if he also showed up bearing ice cream?

That’s exactly what happened this week when Joey Fatone teamed up with DoorDash to surprise unsuspecting fans with a delivery of Baskin-Robbins ice cream.

“For me, I live in Florida, so I love ice cream anyway, regardless of if it’s in a cold atmosphere or a warm atmosphere,” Fatone told Billboard this week about the partnership. “Ice cream’s always good — especially for the holidays.”

Fatone — host of Game Show Network’s Uncommon Knowledge and the Two Cups of Joe podcast with manager Joe Mulvihill — put on his Santa hat and made sweet deliveries all over town, including to Billboard’s LA office on Tuesday. (Stay tuned for our full interview with Fatone on a January episode of Billboard’s Pop Shop Podcast, in which we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of “Bye, Bye, Bye” and the boy band’s landmark album No Strings Attached and discuss what the future might hold for *NSYNC — as a quintet or a quartet.)

If you’d like your own Baskin-Robbins delivery from DoorDash (Fatone not necessarily included), you can get $5 off orders of $10 or more and $0 delivery fee with the code TISTHESEASON, now through Dec. 22.

Via: Billboard