Watch Taylor Swift Lap Boozy Milk From a Bowl With Francesca Howard and Rebel Wilson in ‘Cats School’

Rebel Wilson was not really feel-ine this bit at all.

Humans don’t just become cats over night. No, you have to go to Cats School, whether you like it or not. As we’ve learned from the cast of the just-released big screen reboot of the long-running Broadway musical, they were all put through their kitty paces in a feline bootcamp before transforming into their characters for the film.

On Thursday night’s (Dec. 19) Late Late Show we got to see what that looked like when the movie’s director, Tom Hooper, ran the cast — Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Jason DeRulo, Rebel Wilson and Francesca Howard — through school as they fought for the Best in Show title. “Today each of you will be put through vigorous training to ensure that you give the most cat-like performance in the film,” he told them. Head Cat James Corden was tapped to lead the class, tuning up their voices with a chorus of meows.

“Wait, is the only lyric we’re singing ‘meow’?,” said an incredulous Wilson, who immediately seemed irritated, a sentiment seconded by Bombalurina herself, Swift, who added, “I don’t know why Tom has chosen James to be head cat, he’s already pretty annoying and this is only going to make him even worse.” They chased giant balls or yarn and lasers, used a giant cat box and practiced going through a cat door, with Wilson really getting method by ignoring Corden’s stupid requests, just like a real cat and using her paws to just open the door, because who cares what James wants?

“What breed of cat would James Corden be? I think I’d call him a total d–k,” Wilson said. When Corden yelled at Swift for drinking out of her metal water bottle like a human, Wilson got her revenge by spiking the giant milk bowl he set out for them with booze. “I was just recently named Artist of the Decade, but after people see me lap up milk from a giant saucer I’m pretty sure they’ll take that away,” Swift said of her now-imperiled American Music Awards honor.

Watch Cats School below to see who snagged Best in Show from Cats composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Via: Billboard