Watch The Jonas Brothers Tear Up ‘Late Late Show’ Stage With ‘What a Man Gotta Do’

The Jonas Brothers busted out their very best hand jive for a spirited performance of their latest single, “What a Man Gotta Do” on The Late Late Show on Wednesday night (Feb. 12). Nick Jonas slipped into a bedazzled leather jacket with all the flair — studs, wild patterns on the lapels and fringe on the arms — while Joe rocked a black and white torreador jacket as the siblings traded off lead vocals on the urgent, upbeat single.

Kevin added some acoustic guitar strumming to Nick’s electric and the crowd in the Late Late studio went nuts for the song whose video features the bros and their wives re-enacting some classic film scenes. Coming on the heels of their holiday tune “Like It’s Christmas,” and Songland​’s “Greenlight,” “What a Man Gotta Do” marks the JoBro’s first solo offering since their 2019 reunion album, Happiness Begins.

The trio also hung around long enough to do a “Tweet Dreams” segment, in which they read fans’ strangest dreams, which included sneaking out to grab tacos with Nick, dreaming Joe was behind the bar and Kevin was a “hairy muscle daddy.” And then there was the one about Nick not having feet, but just boots that clicked into his legs like LEGO pieces.

Watch the performance and “Dreams” below.

Via: Billboard