Yungblud Is a Smitten Punk-Pop God in ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ Video

Sure, Yungblud’s got a chaotically charismatic, rock ‘n roll exterior, but he’s a total softie when it comes to the person he loves.

In his new single, “Strawberry Lipstick,” which arrived on Thursday (July 16), the singer belts about a love that’s got him wrapped up. “She holds all the power in her fingertips / She’s gonna suck on my strawberry lipstick / She’s gonna taste my body with her fingertips / I cannot breathe,” he sings.

In the accompanying video, Yungblud brings his characteristic energy to a strawberry-flavored video, in which he delves into a number of crazy scenes, including working up a sweat in the boxing ring, dancing in a custom Union Jack dress, and lounging in a bathtub full of strawberries alongside singer-songwriter Jesse Jo Stark.

“Strawberry Lipstick” will be featured on the 22-year-old singer’s upcoming sophomore album, due out this fall. Watch the video below.