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At this point, Addison Rae is more than just a TikTok star. And while we’re still not entirely sure what that is exactly, she’s currently relevant and therefore we care.

We care about her involvement with the Kardashians, what she’s wearing, and who she’s with. Which according to Addison’s recent tweet, is no one, despite what the rumors may say.

After speculation of her being romantically linked to Jack Harlow started circulating, Addison took to Twitter to clear up any confusion about her dating life with two simple words, “I’m single.”

The rumors began swirling after Addison and Jack both attended the Triller Fight Club boxing match between Jake Paul and Ben Askren in Atlanta on April 17. The fact that they were both there shouldn’t come a surprise though, as the event drew attendance from many other celebrities. One of which was Pete Davidson, who snapped a pic with the Kentucky rapper that actually was the reason for starting up all the chatter.

Fans peeped and creeped the photo and noticed a hand with red nails resting against Jack, which they just assumed to be Addison. Like we said these fans be creppin’ and they noticed that like the hand in Jack’s photo, Addison was also sporting a red manicure, as displayed in an Instagram post that she shared a day before the boxing match. Gossip account @tiktokroom shared the photos side-by-side on Instagram, along with some other supposed evidence – DMs from a fan who followed Addison’s activity at the match. According to this stalker, oh our bad we mean source, “she was w him the whole time…”, him being Harlow, and “she liked his recent post under a minute… and she followed his best friend.”