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Miley Cyrus Posts Cheeky Tease of Kid Laroi ‘Without You’ Remix

TikToker King Moxu gets in the mix, too.

Miley Cyrus posted a cheeky tease of her upcoming remix of the Kid LAROI’s 2020 single “Without You” in a 20-second clip uploaded on Tuesday (April 20). The video opens with Kid’s version of the song over footage of Miley making faces as headlines about her dating life scroll in the background.

“Miley Cyrus Romance Retrospective: All the Men and Women She’s Dated,” reads one, “What Really Ended Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas’ Relationship,” screams another. All the while, Miley, looking satisfied and confident, gazes into the camera as the Kid sings, “And I can’t take it back, so in the past is where we’ll leave it, huh,” before Miley takes over.

“So there I go, oh/ Can’t make a wife out of a ho, oh/ I’ll never find the words to say, I’m sorry/ But I’m scared to be alone,” she croons over acoustic guitar before shirtless TikTok star King Moxu slides into the frame and they share a passionate kiss. The video — accompanied by the message “So there I go… oh hey @thekidlaroi @KingMoxuTikTok” — does not reveal when the remix will drop. The inclusion of Moxu is a clever call-back to a December 2020 video in which LAROI made an unexpected cameo in one of the King’s videos.

“Without You” was featured on the deluxe SAVAGE version of 17-year-old sensation LAROI’s F*ck Love July 2020 mixtape debut and has become a go-to soundtrack on TikTok.

Check out the tweet, and the original song, below.