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Black Friday Trailer: Bruce Campbell Deals With Deadly Holiday Shoppers

Screen Media Films releases the first trailer for the holiday horror comedy Black Friday featuring a cast led by Bruce Campbell and Devon Sawa.

Screen Media Films releases the first trailer for the holiday horror comedy Black Friday featuring a cast led by Bruce Campbell and Devon Sawa. Alongside The Evil Dead and Final Destination stars, the cast for the film includes The Shannara Chronicles alum Ivana Baquero, Spawn and Black Dynamite star Michael Jai White and Super 8 and Goosebumps‘ Ryan Lee.

Directed by Casey Tebo on a script from Andy Greskoviak, Black Friday is set on Thanksgiving night as a group of disgruntled toy store employees begrudgingly show up for work early to open for a midnight shopping special. Unbeknownst to the group, however, is an alien parasite that has crash landed on Earth in a meteor and infected many of the already ravenous shoppers in the store. The group, led by store manager Jonathan and longtime employee Ken, must fight against the hordes of zombie-like shoppers to survive the night and prevent whatever plan the alien parasite has for the planet.

With just a month remaining until the film and titular holiday’s arrival, Screen Media Films has unveiled the first trailer for Black Friday. The video offers a look at the zombie-like mayhem its central crew of toy store employees will fight to survive and the hilarity from its ensemble cast, namely genre vet Campbell. Check out the fun trailer below:

While the month of October is certainly one rife with potential to set a horror film, the Yuletide season is one brimming with opportunity to deliver scares and laughs in equal measure, be it Joe Dante’s 1984 classic Gremlins or Michael Doughtery’s 2015 hit Krampus based on the titular Austro-Bavarian folktale. Black Friday certainly looks to capture the same zany hilarity of the horror subgenres and the first trailer does feel promising for fans of its cast and genre. Between its gory practical effects and Campbell hamming it up as the money-hungry store manager, the film is sure to be a good time for audiences.

The cast of Black Friday is sure to be a big draw for audiences even aside from Campbell. While Sawa may be better known for the more serious Final Destination, his work in the cult comedy Idle Hands and the new horror series Chucky has proven his capabilities to hold his own in a comedic setting, while Michael Jai White’s turn as Black Dynamite has proven his skills in the comedy genre as much as action. Only time will tell how audiences respond to the film when Black Friday hits select theaters on November 19 followed by VOD on November 23.