The ‘real Buzz Lightyear’ goes to infinity and beyond in Pixar’s first Lightyear trailer

When’s the Roundup Gang movie hitting theaters?

After four Toy Story movies, Buzz Lightyear is back! Kinda. Sorta. Not really, but also really?

Lightyear is about Buzz Lightyear — but not the toy Buzz Lightyear that we know and love, but the “real” person who exists in the Toy Story universe and inspired the toy, who, like, isn’t actually a real person in the real world, but to people like Andy and Bonnie in the Toy Story world, he’s real and … well, it’s all very #meta.

The first trailer for Lightyear shows off the space ranger — now voiced by Chris Evans instead of Tim Allen, who performed the character in all of the Toy Story movies — as he heads off into space for a mission. There are new planets, strange creatures, and even the iconic green and white Buzz Lightyear suit. And yes, Lightyear and one of his colleagues say his iconic catchphrase (mostly!).

Lightyear is set to hit theaters on June 17, 2022. Check out the first poster below: