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Ezra Miller Proved To Be The True Terror On The Set Of Stephen King’s The Stand

Ezra Miller has added some impressive acting credits to their oeuvre in recent years, including roles in the DCEU and “Fantastic Beasts” franchises. However, controversies surrounding the 29-year-old’s personal life have overshadowed their professional accomplishments lately. Questions have been raised about whether some of Miller’s upcoming projects, such as “The Flash,” should even go ahead at all, especially in the wake of Warner Bros. Discovery canceling “Batgirl” and other movies which don’t feature any controversial cast members.

Per Complex, Miller’s scandals include an incident with a woman at a bar, alleged altercations in Hawai’i, drug possession, and living on an unlicensed, heavily-armed marijuana farm with a mother and her children. The performer has been accused of grooming, abuse, and harassment, and the list of controversies doesn’t appear to be getting shorter. Most recently, they were charged with felony burglary, according to a report from the Vermont State Police.

As more stories about Miller’s behavior come to light, alleged incidents from their past have also been exposed. The actor’s time on “The Stand” has come under scrutiny in recent times after one of their former colleagues claimed that they were the true terror on the set of the Stephen King adaptation.

Kevin Armstrong, who worked as an extra on “The Stand,” recently spoke with Business Insider (via CBR) about starring alongside Miller on the horror series. Armstrong claimed that Miller frequently mistreated their colleagues between takes in an attempt to provoke them. The reported incidents ranged from them shouting and spitting at people to telling offensive jokes about marginalized groups.

According to the extra, Miller’s manager and legal counsel had to be called to the set as their behavior became so problematic that it made people around them feel unsafe. “It was disgusting and horribly unprofessional,” Armstrong said.

The Business Insider report went on to detail more examples of Miller’s alleged behavior. For example, the actor reportedly acted like a cult leader in front of people who were staying at an Airbnb rental in Reykjavik, Iceland back in 2020, which was around the same time that a video emerged in which they appeared to choke a woman at a bar.