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Travis Scott ‘fully back’ at $27,000 a ticket, despite Astroworld.

Houston native Travis Scott, 31, is attempting to make a comeback according to new reports.

Scott’s headliner concert is his first, nine months after his music festival Astroworld, which according to local investigations, a surging crowd left 10 dead in Houston. Scott has kept a low profile, till now.

In Europe over the weekend, Scott, performed to a crowd of 20,000 and reportedly played new tracks expected to be released on his new upcoming album, “Utopia.” Including, one performed with music artist Kanye West, but West didn’t release the track on his new album. The song called God’s Country is getting some backlash for subject material. Critics reviewed his performance said the “show felt rushed and didn’t offer much in new material.”

In new video posted on Instagram by Kylie Jenner,, Travis is seen screaming loudly, punching a door and then embraced by former Houston Rocket, James Harden. He screamed “the biggest in the world is back.” Before he’s splashed with champagne.

After two nights in London, he took to Twitter to thank the city, “What and amazing _ time.”

No word on when his delayed fourth album is being released.

Travis Scott $25,000 concert tickets
He’s now booked at Zouk nightclub in Las Vegas for two nights and is reportedly expected to perform two dates. Tickets are $27,000 to be on the Dance Floor September 17. Tickets for October 15 are being sold for $75.

Soon after he lost endorsements like the music addition and backing from Christian Dior for his Cactus Jack collection. That was quietly revived three weeks ago.