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The Neighborhood’s Max Greenfield stepped into the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show studios to talk about his role on the show as well as shooting a pilot with Meghan Markle, his “breakout” role of Schmidt in the sitcom New Girl as well as the gift bags he has received from late night show hosts.

While talking about The Neighborhood, Greenfield describes the show’s premise as much different than the first season saying, “These are two families that are sharing a fence that have differences. The race element of it plays into the show but it’s not the centerpiece of it.”

Gandhi chimes into the interview to ask Greenfield about a pilot he shot with Megan Markel, saying she heard rumors they’re bringing it back. Greenfield said he shot is for Comedy Central a long time ago “and it resurfaced in some way.” However, he doesn’t think it’s coming back and no…. he was not invited to the wedding!

When asked which late night host gave the best swag out after an interview Greenfield had a very clear answer. “Colbert,” he tells Elvis Duran. “It’s some kind of regifting situation,’ he explains. He describes getting a blanket that would have been something he gifted to his wife. “If it wasn’t cashmere it sure felt like it.” The area was filled with fancy candy and cookies he describes.

You can watch Max Greenfield’s entire interview with Elvis Duran below! Also be sure to watch him on The Neighborhood, Monday 8/7 central on CBS.

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