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One Good Roll Deserves Another: Rick Astley Responds to Dave Grohl’s Update of Rickroll

Rick Astley gets it. The British pop icon, whose signature 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” spawned one of the all-time best memes in the form of the “Rickroll,” never misses a chance to respond when a fellow musician has a bit of fun with the ubiquitous prank. So when Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl sat in as a co-host on The Tonight Show on Monday (May 24) and debuted his spin on a similar meme spawned by one of his band’s hits, the Dave G’Roll, Astley couldn’t help himself.

Fallon explained that the Foo-related meme involves YouTubers taking the band’s 2005 In Your Honor track “Best of You” and punking listeners by singing the first verse and then just maniacally repeating the title ad nauseam. Or, in Fallon’s case, until their voice gives out and they are hoarse for the rest of the week’s shows after sharing a mic with Grohl during their cranked-to-11 demo of the bit.

Well, Rick loved it and gave as good as he got on Wednesday (May 27), when he posted his own version of the G’Roll. “Dave, Jimmy, I saw your clip on YouTube … Amazing !! felt the need to respond – keep on Rockin and ‘Rollin’ Rick,” wrote Astley along with his version of his new favorite meme.

Check out both versions below.