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Watch Post Malone Face Off With Jason Statham in ‘Wrath of Man’ Trailer

The latest heist flick from Guy Ritchie drops on May 7.

Believe it or not, Jason Statham is a tough guy bent on revenge in director Guy Ritchie’s latest guns-blazing heist film. The remake of the 2004 French drama Le Convoyeur (Cash Truck) stars professional square jaw Statham as an armored truck security guard who surprises his co-workers by interrupting their elaborate heist plan.

Among the black mask-wearing baddies he has to dispatch in the film that opens in theaters on May 7 is none other than Post Malone, who makes a quick cameo in the new trailer for the movie that also co-stars Josh Hartnett, Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan and Scott Eastwood.

In the nearly three-minute teaser that dropped on Monday (March 29), Stathan joins the cash truck crew and quickly realizes that he’s outgunned by the bad guys. But in classic Ritchie-Stathan fashion, when the black masks come at him with guns blazing Statham methodically takes them out, including Malone. The rapper, dressed in a plaid shirt and black wool cap, takes off when the bullets start flying — with Johnny Cash’s mournful “Folsom Prison Blues” cued to the action — only to have Statham hunt him down.

As Statham calmly, methodically takes them all out, he zeroes in on Malone’s character, shooting him in the leg, then stepping on his arm as he dispatches him with extreme prejudice. The film marks the fourth collaboration between Ritchie and Statham and Malone’s second big screen role, following his brief appearance as ex-con Squeeb in 2002’s action comedy Spenser Confidential starring Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke.

Watch the Wrath of Man trailer below.